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CND Shellac, the original power polish, deliveres 14 day flawless wear, superior colour and mirror shine with zero dry time and no nail damage.CND Shellac is a true innovation of chip free, extended wear nail colour.


Solar Oil

Award winning cuticle oil is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E. Using twice a day will drive nutrients deeper, creating stronger, healthier nails and hydrating the cuticle area.


Gift Vouchers

Beauty Treatment Gift Vouchers are available and make the ideal present for that special occasion.



Shellac is a break through hybrid nail polish, which after 5 years research was developed by Creative Nail Design.

Shellac combines the ease of application with the performance of gels, it is an innovation in chip free enamel with extended wear. I have a range of colours available, Please see the bottom of this page.

Shellac is UV cured, so there is no drying time, its thin and flexible just like a polish. This results in a 14 day high gloss shine manicure and pedicure. It removes with no filing or drills.

Shellac is a unique alternative to the original methods of gel or acrylics, which can damage your natural nails. If you prefer the french polish look, this is also available in Shellac.


Shellac manicures and pedicures generally take 1 Hour

Shellac Manicure / Pedicure: £20.00
Shellac removal: £5.00

Shellac is pretty indestructible with normal wear and tear, which means you have to partner with me by adding a little protection to your nails if doing tough jobs like household cleaning and gardening, hobbies that are rough on your hands or using harsh chemical products by wearing gloves.

When on holiday please be careful when using suntan oils or insect repellent solutions as many of these products contain solvent oils which will cause damage to the shellac colour.

Colours can fade if your swimming in a chlorine pool followed by sunbathing (remember chlorine is a bleach and sun intensifies the bleaching action). Rinse hands and dry after swimming and before sunbathing to minimise any colour fading.

Recommendation- use solar oil twice a day( especially before bed) to replace lost moisture to your skin and nails. Solar oil is made to be used with Shellac.

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